JKR offers a comprehensive range of intelligently engineered solutions for infrastructure, port approach, berthing, docking, and mooring. Our entire product portfolio is crafted, produced, and rigorously tested, underscoring our commitment to assuming complete responsibility and accountability for your project. Beyond the installation phase, our dedicated team remains readily available on-site, ensuring continuous support and performance monitoring throughout the entire lifecycle of your product.

Oil & Gas Transfer Safety Systems

Leading edge solutions for demanding environment

Oil and gas applications are some of the most demanding on earth. Find out how JKR are helping customers across the globe meet and beat demand. 

Gen3 Ship-Shore Links (SSL)

  • Compatibility with existing ship and shore systems
  • Simple electronic reconfiguration to match respective terminal
  • Compatibility with all small-scale Universal Safety Link installations

Universal Safety Link (USL)

  • Standard industry Bunker Safety Link (BSL) connection system
  • Includes secondary electric ESD link
  • Operator screen shows local and remote LNG transfer arms/tanks
  • Compliant with ISO20519 & SGMF LNG as a Marine Fuel Recommendations for Bunkering Safety Links

Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL)

  • Electrical isolation between shore and ship
  • ‘First-up’ indication for rapid fault location
  • Umbilical/pendant operation options