Community Matters

JKR has, will continue to built strong long-term relationships within the communities and amongst local businesses where we work. We always aim to continue to increase local and regional presence by extending existing local procurement and employment activities.

We are committed to providing sustainable opportunities for local people local communities through employment, training, business engagement and community participation. This is underpinned by our core values:

  • Our clients are our focus
  • A commitment to innovation and quality
  • Our people are our most significant strength
  • Provision of a safe and healthy workplace
  • We will always act with honesty and integrity
  • Respect for the community and environment.


At JKR we are committed to safe delivery of all our projects, for our people, the communities and the environment in which we work respecting the culture, diversity and values of others.

We are committed to effective environmental management based on our guiding principles:

  • Compliance to environmental laws, regulations, codes, standards and other legal and contractual requirements.
  • Assess the potential environmental impacts appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities and monitor our environmental performance in order to protect the environment, prevent pollution and continually improve.
  • Integrate environmental factors into project planning through communication with our clients and other stakeholders.
  • Manage hazardous waste in accordance with our clients and statutory requirements.
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst our employees, suppliers, and subcontractors in relation to our business activities.

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JKR Policy Statements